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“I’m a supporter of women’s right, but showing women with sexually attractive figures in skimpy clothing is not objectification.”

Two things: “I’m a supporter of women’s right BUT…” is the #1 way to prove you really aren’t. And showing idealized scantily-clad female forms is the DEFINITION of objectification.

And I love how you make a point and follow it with “and you can’t prove it wrong!” Cool argument strategy, bro. Cool victim-blaming (“women bring this upon themselves by being offended”), cool false equivalence (“not all men are like that!”), cool hyperbole (“this is PROPAGANDA!!!!11”).

Comic books hypersexualize and objectify women. Period. I’m not making that up for attention. Have you ever read a comic book? Have you seen the recent redesigns? For fuck’s sake. Sit your ass down about how women should feel and react to things.


Jess, beating down another fool. Just an average day for a real superhero.

^ My blackened heart just melted a bit. If anybody wants to draw me a superhero costume, I will post it on here. But I have to have seven-inch stilettos and a cutout over my boobs and the approximate dimensions of a blow-up doll. According to comics that’s the only way ladies can fight crime.

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did i already reblog this? no? BECAUSE I SHOULD HAVE.

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