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Posts tagged: hardee's


around 5 this morning i had a craving for hardee’s biscuits and gravy. if you’ve never had hardee’s breakfast, the biscuits are these big fluffy lumps with a thick buttery crunch on the outside and the gravy is nice and peppery, not too salty, with chunks of sausage that melt in your mouth. i grew up on this junk, so although i know it’s terribly inauthentic, hardee’s is the biscuits and gravy by which i judge all others. i’m a northerner, sue me.

so when i got off work, i drove 3 miles past my house to get to the nearest hardee’s, and i’m sitting there thinking, biscuit and gravy, all i want is biscuit and gravy, maybe some hash rounds (also my favorite) but none of those fancy breakfast sandwich things. just a good old biscuit and gravy and then i got up to the menu and somehow ordered a country fried steak’n’gravy platter and a bacon wrap and a sausage wrap and i drove away $6 poorer going what the fuck just happened?

don’t get me wrong, it was freaking delicious, i just don’t know how i’m always seduced by the new! improved! exciting! breakfast choices when all i want is my damn biscuit and gravy.