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A League of One: Wonder Woman Takes Down the Justice League

Part III: Wonder Woman vs. Superman

Writer/Artist: Christopher Moeller

A recap: Wonder Woman is taking down the members of the Justice League so that she can fight a dragon alone, because a prophecy foretold that whoever fought the dragon would beat her - but also die. So being selfless, Diana gets her team members out of the way so that she will be the only one to die. It pains her to put them in danger and betray their trust, but she strongly believes that the world is better off without her, rather than without the rest of the League. She loves her team - her family - that much. Enough that she sucker-punched Superman.

Also, I believe Diana and Superman are equal in combat ability when their powers are included. Although the scans above say that Diana doesn’t think she can beat Superman in combat, I think it’s more apt to say that she can’t beat him and then have the strength left over to fight the dragon. Honestly, a Wonder Woman/Superman fight would last a long time.

I’ll also post the battle between Wondy and the dragon, because it’s a really good one, too.

Not sure about her 52 stats but pre 52 this is true. Diana is on equal ground with supes at about 95% or so I believe. Pretty sure it was even mentioned that she’s faster than him though I can’t remember context.

i still do not like dc but i like wondy and i love wondy kicking supes’ ass. plus this art is fab.

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I’ve been trying to avoid getting up on my angry lesbian soap box recently, really, I have— partially because I can’t say anything differently than I’ve already said it and I hate repeating myself, but apparently a few things bear repeating.

There needs to be less subtext and more text. There needs to be more non-straight original characters in media. And most importantly, it needs to not be a big deal with the characters or plot.

Coming out stories need to stop. Gay, lesbian, bi, trans and queer characters need to simply be. They need to exist in the story, and no one need bat an eye. 

Instead of pulling a Rowling and outing a character after the fact, DC needs to just create and write more non-straight characters, period. It’s that simple. And they need to do it honestly, like they give a shit, even when it’s obvious apart from a few rare cases, that they don’t. 

i respectfully disagree. one of the (many, many) problems with comics today is that the big two lean heavily on established fan bases and legacy characters. i agree that new media like tv and movies don’t need coming out stories because the characters should be queer from day one, but in comics, it’s very difficult for a new character to build a following, particularly if the new kid is not like the majority of comic fans (straight white cis men). thus the best way to increase diversity in comics is to change an established character in some way. as little respect as i have for dc (which is to say, almost none), i’m glad they’re doing this rather than pretending that a new gay character will come anywhere close to having the chance of actually affecting fans that an established character will.

i also do like the implication that this will be someone who previously identified as straight and is now identifying as queer (not sure if he’s going to be gay or bi or what), because the fluidity of sexuality is usually ignored in media. it’s entirely possible to be straight or much of your life and then be gay or vice versa (trust me on this one), but characters who come out are always “lying to themselves” or “hiding something” or they “always knew but didn’t want to admit it” or whatever. it would be cool for me to see someone who stands up and says “yes, i was straight, i had many healthy straight relationships, and now i am gay and plan to have healthy gay relationships” etc. i could get behind that type of thing.

(of course what will probably actually happen in this case is that someone went gay in the reboot and it’ll be like “oh he was always gay didn’t you know?” and that’s because dc really does suck in pretty much every way. i’m just talking about the value of a potential story here.)


Follow up to the Wonder Woman inspired dress! I thought I’d take a stab at depicting a more mature and glamourous outfit based on Wondy’s costume. Also, I’m on an ombre fabric kick right now, and I wanted to see if it’d work with Wondy’s costume colour scheme :)

You can see a slightly different version (just more stars tossed in XD) here.

Now that’s out my head, back to work work work!! (I’msobehindonstuffandyetI’mdoingstufflikethisarrghghghwhyyyy)



DC Girls In Sweaters

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This was harder than I thought ^^;;


This was done by request to her watchers, by kateordie

I think it turned out alright. C:

if by alright you mean amazingtastic then yes, it does

Holy crap, more than one person did this! They are amazing!!

dat second version.